Camping, Only Better.

Cargo cubes may seem miles away from camping. Until you sleep in them.


For one, they’re super quiet. They’re the complete opposite of yurts and tents, which can be flung about by the winds, and in the fire-prone southwest, vulnerable to flames. 


Instead, imagine visitors rolling up to a campsite and unloading into a weather-resistant, fully cleaned and refurbished shipping container. Aside from being almost bullet-proof in security, they’re fully customizable and last for decades. Plus they require almost zero maintenance. 


You can go big or small with two basic sizes: a 10×10 for your singles and couples, and a 10×20 for families. Your patrons will nestle into a Cube Camping site surrounded by three strong walls and one wall that completely opens via double doors, providing the ideal indoor/outdoor living we love. Those doors can also be securely locked day or night for extra protection. 


Let’s not forget the aesthetics. Cube Camping’s containers are worlds away from the ones that actually ship cargo. They’re stripped down and rebuilt with care. The double doors not only provide unbeatable safety, but also a little privacy. When open, they function as moveable walls, providing a bit of cozy serenity even when surrounded by others. 


The durability, privacy and security of Cube Camping is like nestling within the protection of an RV without the cost or pains of driving one.